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sun protection with the goodness of the tropics to help your skin thrive

skin-loving suncare you can trust

At Hawaiian Tropic®, we make skin-loving, Hawaiian-inspired suncare that helps enhance the beauty in yourself and the world every day. We offer a variety of products to cover all your suncare needs.

beautifully safe sun protection

Our suncare products are made with ingredients that meet strict scientific standards to ensure they are safe to use in our formulas. We have been recognized by The Skin Cancer Foundation for our safe and effective products and have proudly carried their seal of recommendation for nearly two decades.

reducing our impact on the planet

We’ve always held a special place in our heart for beaches and the majesty that comes with them – including the coral reefs and marine life! While some resort areas have already banned the use of oxybenzone and octinoxate due to the potential damage they may have on the reefs, we pioneered the removal of these ingredients from our formulas to help protect our oceans.

sustainable suncare

When it comes to our packaging, we continuously look for ways to improve our efforts relative to how we can reduce materials, use more recycled/recyclable material, and help you in your recycling efforts. As we look ahead, we will continue to make decisions and innovate, keeping your needs and the potential impact our products can have on the environment top of mind.

commitment to cruelty-free

Part of our commitment to you is our commitment to the world around us and all its inhabitants, which is why we never test on animals, and refuse to sell our products in countries where animal testing is required. Hawaiian Tropic is a proud recipient of the PETA Cruelty-Free certification, which means we do not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products.

our hawaiian values

Together, we seek the beauty and joy in all things: our skin, ourselves, our communities, our planet. That’s living life the Hawaiian way—join us.



we craft each and every bottle for you—with both your inner and outer beauty in mind. from our signature Hawaiian-inspired scents to quality ingredients you can trust, we create products that are designed to nourish and protect your skin, invigorate your senses, and grant you a sense of peace and well-being.



people, animals, and our planet are at the core of everything we do. Our formulas promote healthy skin by preventing sun damage and premature aging. They’re also certified PETA Cruelty-Free, meaning they are developed with absolutely no animal testing. Finally, as pioneers in the initiative for reef-friendly formulas, 90% of our products are oxybenzone and octinoxate free, with efforts underway to reach 100% by 2021.



inside each of our bottles, you’ll find the best of Hawaii. Our quality ingredients and iconic tropical scent—a blend of papaya, guava, mango, plumeria, and passion fruit extracts—create more than a sunscreen. They unlock a multisensory experience that transports you to the tropics and invites you to embrace life the Hawaiian way, using your senses.



every day we strive to embody the Hawaiian way of life—where body, spirit, and community connect and thrive as one. Our trusted suncare products invite you to embrace this lifestyle too. Because when we all strive to better ourselves and our community, we can help better the world by fostering moments of connection, allowing us to spread more joy on to others.