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FDA standards for sunscreen

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced new rules for labeling and testing sunscreen products to help consumers make more informed choices.

understanding the changes

The FDA provided new guidance on testing products for protection against UVA (the rays responsible for aging) and UVB (the rays responsible for burning) rays. Products that pass this test will be labeled "Broad Spectrum".

new claim restrictions

Suncare products can no longer claim to be "waterproof," "sweat-proof", or be a "sunblock". They can claim "water-resistant", but will need to state the length of water resistance (i.e. water-resistant 40 minutes or water-resistant 80 minutes).

drug facts box

All sunscreen products must now include drug facts on their container. Hawaiian Tropic® products already include a drug facts box. Many Hawaiian Tropic® products proudly have the Skin Cancer Foundation's seal of approval. Learn more at WWW.SKINCANCER.ORG.

how can you learn more?

Visit the FDA's site for a comprehensive explanation, and to read their FAQs.